If you are looking for an inexpensive camera for your kids, you may want to start with the awesome kidizoom action cam developed by VTECH. Not only is this camera extremely affordable, but it has many features your children will love to use.

What is the VTech Action Camera? — This is a chunky, well-made children’s camera that is durable, and does just about anything your children would want it to do.

As many of the models of VTech Action Camera are under $40, they are also an extremely affordable camera option. Especially when you consider they really do take great photos and video.

Why will your kids love the camera? — These low-budget action cameras can be attached to any bike with one of the two attachment mechanisms that come with them, or even attached to a helmet. This means your kids can even film as they are playing on their bikes, or out on their skateboards.

They are waterproof, and can take both photographs and video in up to six feet of water. Perfect if your kids love to mess around in the pool.

All VTech Action Cameras can take both photographs and video, and the results can be downloaded to any computer or tablet via the cable that comes with them. The software that comes with the camera also has lots of filters and fun video and photograph effects that your kids can add during the editing process.

There is an awesome video I found on youtube that showcases this perfectly:

Taking photos or video — while these cameras will not allow your kids to take thousands of photographs or hundreds of videos, if you buy a 32GB microSD card along with the camera, your kids will be able to take up to 400 photographs at one time. Then all they need to do is download them to a computer or tablet, and will then have an empty card to start filling up with photos again.

The same goes for video, with a 32GB microSD card allowing for around four hours of video. That means you will have plenty of film footage for an average day out with your child.

VTech Action Camera have cool designs — These affordable cameras also have very cool designs. You will find them in girly designs for young girls and teens, as well as in more masculine designs for the boys in your family.

Durability — One of the reasons so many parents love these cameras is that they are extremely durable. Especially for the incredibly low price they pay for them.

People that have bought them report their children dropping them with no ill effects, and have even tested them by throwing them in swimming pools or dropping them deliberately themselves.

Most say the VTech Action Camera does not break, they do not scratch and the camera inside the protective case just keeps on working no matter how badly they are treated.

If you are looking for an inexpensive camera for your child, and would love one that not only takes great photographs but is also likely to work for quite a while, then buying a VTech Action Camera is probably a very good idea.