Smartphones have certainly become a necessity in recent years. That is why it is vital that consumers get the latest technology whenever they can. However, given the rate and volume of new models being released into the market, consumers need to think long and hard about when to get their upgrade. That is why we shall be taking a close look at the Samsung Galaxy S9, the brand’s follow-up to their revolutionary product, the S8.

First Impressions

A quick glance at the Samsung Galaxy S9 would tell you that it is not really much of an upgrade from its predecessor. It has been packaged as the heir to the Galaxy S8. However, the phone we got is probably closer to an improved variant of the original.

To be fair, it does come with a couple of updates which some consumers would probably find appealing. However, the fact that it is virtually identical in design to the Galaxy S8 says a lot about this phone. If this were an iPhone, it would have been an ‘S’ variant of a particular model instead of being a whole new series.

Closer Examination

Now that our initial thoughts are out of the way, let us now examine the phone’s specific features. One of the outstanding features of the S9 is the new, high-power rear camera. It features a dual-aperture shutter along with a more robust frame. It is also worth noting that the screen is much brighter than its predecessor. It also has dual speakers which makes the experience of listening to music and watching videos that much better.

If there is one thing that the Galaxy S9 does right it is that it was able to fix the S8’s major flaw. Namely, it has become so much easier to unlock the phone using your face or finger. The S9 has greatly improved on the biometric system of its predecessor thus making this part of the experience that much smoother.

In spite of all of these improvements, there is the matter of price that can turn a lot of users away from this phone. Given the nominal improvements, one would be hardpressed to consider this a practical upgrade, especially since the cheaper Galaxy S8 is still around.