Are you looking to explore Vietnam? Perhaps there is no better way to start than Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). Without a doubt, this city embodies the country at its most dazzling. Ho Chi Minh can only be described as an incandescent mixture of commerce and culture. It embodies the relentless drive which has pushed Vietnam forward in the past decades.

The city itself breathes life and vitality in a whirlwind thrill ride, jolting everyone who sets foot in it with a bolt of electricity that is sure to get anyone’s attention. This energy can be felt whether you are staying in its finest hotels or its cozy guesthouses. That being said, it is hardly a surprise to find out that the city has become one of the most popular cities in all of Southeast Asia.

There is no shortage of things to do. Most people are often surprised that there is no shortage of new discoveries in this city. Simply wandering through its timeless alleys will surely lead to new experiences. So be sure to explore HCMC as much as you can and leave no stone unturned.